Webroot Trumpets Spyware Bakeoff Results

Webroot has sent out a press release annoucing the results of a four month VeriTest bakeoff between Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise 2.5.1, McAfee Antivirus Enterprise with AntiSpyware Module 8.0 and Sunbelt Counterspy Enterprise version 1.5.268. Webroot was more than three times as effective as Sunbelt and nearly twice as effective as McAfee at cleaning all types …

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Eschelbeck new Webroot CTO

http://www.scmagazine.com/uk/news/article/534613/eschelbeck-new-webroot-cto/ It was quite a surprise when I heard that Gerhard Eschelbeck had quit Qualys. Now I hear today that he is taking the same position at Webroot where he will be CTO and VP. Good news for Webroot, bad news for Qualys.

Symantec to buy IMLOGIC

Well shit. Suddenly that decision to purchase IMLogic (the product not the company) is not looking so good. Symantec has just purchased them. When Symantec purchases something, its almost as bad as when Computer Associates purchases something. First I would suspect all development will go in the crapper while Symantec figures out what they bought …

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Rootkits and spyware, a nasty combination

The term rootkit entered more people’s lexicon as it was used to describe the Sony Digital Rights Management software. Spyware vendors have been using rootkits to prevent the uninstallation of their malware. Increased usage of antispyware products and their incorporation in antivirus products have caused them to use less obvious and more lasting methods. Gregg …

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Webroot Phileas

I was perusing the Webroot website when I found the Phileas page. It sounds like the Microsoft Research Honeymonkeys project. Phileas is a ground-breaking online spyware research system developed by Webroot. Using patent-pending technology that scours the entire Web, Phileas discovers spyware on the Internet faster and more efficiently than any other research method. More …

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Symantec False Positive

If you’ve got Symantec Antivirus and you’ve got Webroot Spysweeper, than you probably have seen a Backdoor.Graybird detection today. This is a false positive. The files typically detected are in the temp director and named mc21.tmp or mc22.tmp in my experience. I have called Symantec support, the next set of virus defs released should solve …

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Webroot 2.5 update part 2

I called support yesterday to check in on any possible interactions between Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition version 10 and Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise. SAV 10 now has realtime spyware protections and I wanted to see if there would be any issues. Symantec warns about using the antispyware parts with other realtime antispyware programs. Support says there …

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Webroot 2.5 update notes

Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5 is currenntly available for new installations only. They say they will be releasing an upgrade package for current customers “shortly.” Just as well, I’ve got some other things to be working on anyway.

Earthlink acquires assets of aluria

Another bit of news from Donna’s security flash. Earthlink has picked up the assets of Aluria software. Aluria is a small company from Lake Mary Florida. That’s just north of Orlando, so I know the area a bit from my time down there. Although Aluria’s consumere product has been highly rated, I was never high …

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