Quicktime 7.6.9 released

Apple has released Quicktime 7.6.9 to address multiple security vulnerabilities.  Viewing a maliciously crafted file could lead to arbitrary code execution. Apple’s writeup of the security vulnerabilities is posted at this link. Quicktime can be updated through Apple Software Update or via download at www.apple.com/quicktime/download. Quicktime was last updated 2.5 months ago.

Quicktime and SCUP

When Quicktime 7.6.7 came out, I wanted to deploy it with Microsoft System Center Update Publisher (SCUP).   I’d recently used SCUP to deploy Flash (for IE) and the Dell Inventory Agent.   It made sense to look at using SCUP and SCCM Software Updates to deploy patches rather than continuing to use the old Software Distribution …

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Patching week in review

This week saw a large number of Microsoft patches Additionally Adobe released updates for Flash and Adobe Air. Acrobat and Reader updates expected for this week will occur next week. Apple patched the iPhone and released an update for QuickTime.  iTunes users were not given the QuickTime update as of this post. To stay up …

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Quicktime 7.6.2

Apple has released Quicktime 7.6.2 to deal with multiple security vulnerabilities. Their writeup is posted here. Hopefully they also fixed the issue in their MSI file that was preventing installs on a few computers. We extract Quicktime.msi from Apple’s installer in order to avoid having to deploy the Apple Software Updater to our computers.

Security Update available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.2

I think its one of those immutable laws of security: The day you finish patching a product, a new patch will be released. Perhaps it just seems that way because of Quicktime. We just sent out notices last week for our users running Adobe Acrobat (not reader) to update. While I deploy Adobe Reader updates …

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Quicktime 7.5

Quicktime 7.5 has been released. Apple’s description of the security fixes contained in this update is found here. The Quicktime download and the Itunes with Quicktime download is available here.