Jailbroken Phones and Corporate Access

A month ago I posted an article titled Jailbreaking – Unsafe at Any Speed.  That was about the need for companies to have policies against jailbreaking on corporate phones.    Now I find myself in the position of writing policy to allow personal phones to connect to the Good server.   I want to bring the same …

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They know where you’ve been sleeping

They know where you’ve been awake. So, the iPhone stores your location information even when you aren’t using location enable applications.   This is the claim of iPhone Tracker, an application for mapping your whereabouts using this stored information.   The location files are part of the iPhone backup, so I guess if your significant other has tech …

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iPhone 4.3.2

The latest iOS software update is out containing multiple security fixes. Certificate Trust Policy libxslt Quicklook WebKit Exploitation of the most severe of these vulnerabilities may lead to remote code execution. Isn’t this the 3rd update in the past five or six weeks?   Does your corporation account for iPhone patching?

Good App for iPhone Update

Good released a minor update to their app for the iPhone.   Release notes are on their site. Companies that don’t want to use ActiveSync but still feel pressured into making the iPhone an option are looking to Good to do so.   From the release notes: • Complete landscape view – Including email list view, calendar, …

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Jailbreaking – Unsafe at any speed

Look at me, making Ralph Nader references whether they work or not. Back in July, the US Copyright office ruled it is legal to jailbreak your iPhone in order to install non-appstore apps or even to unlock the phone to use with another carrier. What does this mean for iPhones used the enterprise? Just because …

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Forrester’s iPhone Article

Earlier this week Forrester released a paper on iPhone and Enterprise use.   That article was summarizedby Larry Dignan on ZdNet.   As a side note, I started to write on this earlier but wasn’t sure that I could legitimately quote from the article.   I guess it would be ok to quote small passages to critique.   But it’s …

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Unisys and the iPhone

Have you read this Apple profile on Unisys’ use of the iPhone. “A wide range of aspects give us confidence that iPhone is a secure device.” Tip Underwood, Vice President of Sales and Management Support  I wonder if they still have that confidence after reading about the Zdziarski Method.  or PIN bypass.  The PIN bypass …

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