So much for the self defending network

Bail out now if you don’t want spoilers from this weeks 24…. In this weeks 24, Nadia’s computer is compromised from visiting a website belonging to an insurgant. Inexplicably there is also a hardware device found in her computer. CTU had previously been protected by Cisco’s self-defending network.

RSA Conference Wireless

Over at vnunet, Tom Sanders writes about the RSA conference. More than half of the computers used by security experts attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week lack the proper protection and may have been compromised, according to wireless security firm AirDefense. The company scanned all wireless traffic on the first day of …

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The Day the Internet Traffic Stood Still

On Thursday we rolled out the Blue Coat web filter to the company. It was a bit more sudden than I had planned. I had planned to roll out slowly over a week and a half (still kind of quick), with the goal to be done by January 28th. Our Websense license expired on January …

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Cisco VPN Client Privilege Escalation

The Cisco VPN Client for Windows has a privilege escalation vulnerability that allows a regular user to gain system right. Makes you wonder, if you’ve “locked down” your user permissions, how many of the really dangerous ones haven’t already promoted themselves to admin through privilege escalation vulnerabilities like this.