Managing Emotions Under Pressure – part 2

This is part 2 of a series posts reflecting on a Fred Pryor class titled Managing Your Emotions Under Pressure. There is more pressure than ever in the workplace. There is just a lot of information to absorb and a lot of tasks to perform. Most of my readers will understand that. They use RSS …

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Auditors and Company Policy

It’s always nice when your own auditors follow company policy. We have an external auditor in for the next 6 week in order to obtain FISMA certification. At the kickoff meeting, we told the auditors that they were not allowed to put their computers on our internal network, but they were more than welcome to use …

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Strange services on the firewall

The UNIX administrator asked me to scan his systems that are withing the scope of our Certification and Accreditation package. We have an auditor coming in next week to check our progress toward obtaining “authority to operate” and he wanted to make sure his systems were clean. I found that our recently upgraded firewall now …

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Shmoocon: Keynote

Dan Greer was the Keynote speaker at Shmoocon. For a statistician he made a rather broad brush statement that current security workers have no formal training. Yet now every college has a security course. The non-credentialed he says are the ones with skills while those with credentials are the charlatans. Was the world really better …

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A Master In SANS

I got an email last week from SANS stating that they are looking at interest in a MS in Information Security Management for a MS in Information Security Technology Leadership. They don’t state any specifics but it seems clear from the context that they are looking at creating a Masters programs based around (or completely …

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GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator

I recertified my GIAC certification in Securing Windows this week. According the the certification description, GIAC Certified Windows System Administrators (GCWNs) have the knowledge, skills and abilities to secure and audit Windows systems, including add-on services such as Internet Information Server and Certificate Services.