I have installed the AJAX comment system. It has the side effect of requiring javascript being enabled in your browser to submit a comment. I’ve also re-enabled anonymous comments. Hopefully the javascript will throwoff some of the automated comment spammers. I’ve seen a press release from Yahoo stating they are implementing an OpenID beta at …

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The spam filter has run amok

My MovableType spam defenses have kind of run amok. It was letting through a ton of spam which led me to disable anonymous comments. For its next trick it decided to trash valid comments. The first method used for trashing valid comments was a rule that http:// shouldn’t appear in the commenter’s name field. That …

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I’ve updated the Catagories archive so that rather than consisting of one long page for each catagory, the page will be break up each catagories by month. Not sure if that will be more search engine friendly or not. But it was somethign to try.