Patch Tuesday

Adobe Security Bulletins Posted APSB14-11 – Security hotfix available for Adobe Illustrator (CS6) APSB14-14 – Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player  APSB14-15 – Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat Microsoft updates Posted Not so bad, but the days not over yet 🙂

Is Windows 8.1 April Update Installed?

With this weeks Microsoft updates, Windows 8.1 users must have the April 8.1 ‘update’ installed to continue to receive OS related patches. Update:  Extended to June 10.   This is rather confusing in so many ways. Windows 8 users dont have this deadline.  The 8.1 update doesn’t apply to them. Searching for information about this …

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Data Loss Prevention has been a hot topic as of late. In the past I always believed that DLP was only effective where you had a data labeling program.  Otherwise its just another product that doesn’t work well when you cant answer where the important information is.  Over time, I also became more concerned with …

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The Case of the Mixed Content

Recently a problem came up with some required training hosted on our Learning Mangement System.   Users would receive a warning “Only Secure Content is Displayed”.  While users could click ‘show content’ they received an error message ‘unable to connect to LMS’.   They could watch the training video still, but were not shown as completing the assignment …

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Infosec Introverts

ComputerWorld’s Best Careers for the Introverted IT Pro article caught my eye.  Information Security Analyst is one of the suggested jobs.   Laurence Shatkin, author of 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality says, “This career is so focused on data and, to a lesser extent, on hardware that it offers many opportunities for solitary work.” This …

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The SANS blog post today about an AVG false positive in Windows XP reminded me that we’re just over a year away from XPiration.  (Think that will be a hashtag next year?).   So I’m getting an early start on the tech media flood of articles on the impending end of support for Windows XP.   On …

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