Battery Backup PSA

One of the better things you can do to protect your money spent on electronics devices is have a good surge protector and battery backup.   If you’re like me, you only buy the kind where you can disable the audible alarms.  The problem with this is now you might not get any warning if the battery goes bad.

In some cases you’ll have the battery backup connected to a computer via USB and receive notices that way.  But in other cases where the battery backup is protecting home entertainment equipment, your cable modem or your router, you might not know you have a problem until you happen to be home during a power hit.   Imagine how many times your equipment may have taken a hit that you didn’t know about.

The battery backup I just purchased says the battery is good for about three years.   So put it on your calendar.   If your battery backup has a visual indicator that its broken check that.   And you may want to use the software that comes with the battery backup to connect to each and manually run a self test.  (consult your own UPS manual about the best way to do that.)

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  1. I strongly agree with you, Roger. More people need to take seriously the damage power failures can have on your electronic devices. The first step being testing the batteries and their backups via USB cable to make sure they are working properly. During one of these power outages a surge runs into your electronic devices that can cause serious damage or short out and ruin the device completely. Imagining all the times I’ve had a power outage and luckily having my main electronic devices connected top a power surge protector it makes me thankful to have had the precaution.

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