Configuring GMail to check ISP Mail

My primary email address assigned by my ISP can’t be changed.   It gets a lot of spam  In the past that wasn’t really a problem because I rarely used it for anything, but a few years ago I foolishly began using it on resumes.   Its format is first initial + lastname @ ISP so its relatively professional.   Unfortunately there are other people in the world who think that is their email address.   That doesn’t help the spam problem.

I could just not check it.  But I might miss important emails from my ISP.

I decided that rather than continuing to see spam on my iPhone, then subsequently opening webmail in order to report the spam that I would use GMail to pull my ISP mailbox.   GMails spam filters are much more robust, and thus far I haven’t had a single false negative or false positive.

Configuring GMail to check external accounts using POP3 is easy.   You can google that up if you really want to know how.  During the config, you select whether to leave a copy of the message on the server.   While setting this up, you can set up all mail from this account to be stored with a specific label so it doesn’t get lost in all your other Google Mail.

When I was searching for how to do this, I did see some people who caution that Google pays attention.  And if don’t get that much mail, it will check less and less frequently.  That isn’t an issue for me since nothing of importance occurs on that account.  But it is something to be aware of.

Happy with my decision to leverage Google Mail’s spam filter against my ISP mailbox I then configured my iPhone to no longer check that account separately.


  1. It is true, Gmail has a perfect spam filter. Nevertheless, stays unclear for me how trustfull Google would be to hold and filter all my emails..

  2. They can’t stop everything I am learning. It’z amazing how many breaches in 2016 were just because of “Public emails” like gmail. Look at Hillary and the DNC!

    Cyber Security is becoming more and more popular. I am currently taking classes from Pentester University ( and so far I am learning more than I did in College. Very much more affordable and in-depth too.

    • was thinking about a post related to that. so many people gave hillary a hard time for her bathroom email server suggesting gmail would have been more secure. Then we learn of the Podesta hack. It was kind of funny. If only they’d used two factor. So simple with gmail or

      I’m 10 years removed from my masters. And things like this are an age old debate. Is it important to know the history of computing? Is it important to be well rounded? Or is it just necessary to know what options to select at the command line? I think that college is teaching you to apply yourself, to learn in ways that watching all the online training in the world cant. Well maybe some are learning to do keg stands instead.
      If college is going to result in a 20k debt or more. that also changes the equation quite a bit.

      Threre are so many resources available for free online. Gotta keep the mind fresh and take advantage, and grow.

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