Moving to Cloudflare

I moved this site over to Cloudflare.

The previous CDN doesn’t give SSL to free accounts.  I’ve wanted to get SSL on here for many reasons, such as using SSL to  protect my logins.  Additionally the use of SSL is necessary for the SPDY protocol, which should speed up the site.    I”m expecting Cloudflare to migrate to HTTP/2 as that becomes the new standard.   Google reportedly also gives a tiny page ranking boost to encourage the adoption of SSL.

I also like that using Cloudflare means I can have DNSSec (which I haven’t turned on yet).   By hosting my DNS with Cloudflare, I no longer need to pay for a Dyn account as was necessary with the last CDN I was using.  (due to the way my webhost does DNS).

If you notice anything not working let me know in the comments.


  1. I started seeing a cert error. Not sure if that would affect others, but it was caused by DNS caching.

    cleared the computer cache with ipconfig /flushdns
    rebooted my router.
    still was acting weird, so in chrome I went to chrome://net-internals/#dns and cleared the cache there too.

  2. “click here to reveal an email address for me.”
    This doesn’t work so I am posting my request publicly.
    Passwords are painful to use across multiple sites and are not properly stored by many sites.
    Client certificates can use a single password to sign in to many sites.
    This is a new free client certificate service that any website can use to add automatic sign ins that are password free. It is a technology that is supported by ALL web servers and ALL web browsers. We merely have to start using the existing technology to replace the use of passwords.
    You could write a blog post about this.

    • I used incapsula initially for this site because it provides better security in the free tier. I switched to cloudflare because their support for IPv5, DNSSec, HTTP2 in the free tier As I noted in the article.

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