LogMeIn Buys LastPass

I was just recommending LastPass on a corporate Chatter.  Then I read that LogMeIn has bought LastPass.

LogMeIn isn’t one of my favorite companies IIRC it is quite impossible to block LogMeIn’s enterprise security circumventing product without blocking remote support sessions also.  This is becuase they use the same servers for each.  GoToMyPC on the other hand provided a ways specifically to block its use in an enterprise, and kept their gotoassist/gotomypc servers separate.  This was a few years ago so perhaps things have changed.

Since that time LogMeIn annoyed people by doing away with their free product (making my need to block it much less).   And also engaged in rampant price hikes for those foolish enough to pay for the service.

Even if none of the above were true, our passwords make a huge target.   LastPass was believed to be a security company who realized they’d lose everything if they failed to protect our encrypted passwords.   Even then twice now we’ve all had to change our master password out of an abundance of caution.    Now they’re being bought by a company that doesn’t seem to have the same drive for security.

It is very disappointing.

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  1. Was that recommendation for a company? If so, what are you recommending now instead for an SMB/SME password management solution?


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