You wouldn’t grow your own electricity

I’m going through RackSpace’s free CloudU training.

They use the analogy of infrastructure a couple of times.

  It would be bizarre, given widespread availability of electricity on tap, that an organization would create their own electricity plant to power their factory, so too is it becoming more bizarre to host one’s own software or buy one’s own hardware.

It sounds great.  I suppose we shouldn’t look at it too much though.

What business of any size doesn’t have battery backups on the data center and network gear?  Who doesn’t have a generator to keep the servers running if the outage is more than a flicker?

How many data centers have the windfarm and solar panels storing energy in batteries for use later?

Its rare but people do go off grid (on homes, not data centers as far as I know).  The Telsa battery announcement may make this even more common.

Why would they choose to undertake this capital expense?

Infrastructure may free you to focus on your prime business, but it also makes you dependent.   I’m not arguing against the cloud, I just was thinking about whether their analogy is breaking apart already as battery and green technology improve.

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  1. Owning your own infrastructure can make you obsolete in both hardware and software quickly. Clouds using green technology is very attractive to me. I think it would be impractical to spend so much money for infrastructure because technology changes so quickly.

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