Setting up RT-AC68P for Tunnelbroker

In the past, I had a iPad Mini through work.  It was on Verizon, and I could tether to it to get and IPv6 address when I wanted to test.    I can’t really justify the monthly data plan cost, and the upfront hardware cost to get that on my own.  So I finally set out to set up tunnelbroker from Hurricane Electric to proxy IPv6 traffic over IPv4.   This task was made easier by having a newer router/accesspoint from ASUS, the RT-AC68P.

I found a number of setup examples on the internet, the best for me was a thread on the Hurricane Electric forum.

The one issue I had following these instructions is adding tunnelbroker to dnsomatic.

The hostname should be the fqdn assigned by hurricane electric and they now use an update password (on the advanced tab) rather than the password to log into tunnelbroker.

Other than that, piece of cake.

The ASUS RT-AC68P contains an IPv6 firewall for unsolicited inbound traffic so make sure that is enabled.