HR Recruiting should step it up to obtain top infosec talent

With infosec unemployment approaching 0%, particularly in the DC are where I live, companies need to be competitive in their recruitment.  Jeff Snyder of posts an interesting article on this.

I changed jobs in 2014 and a lot of this rings true to me.

Obviously improvements in salary, telecommuting, vacation, good retirement matching and good retirement program would be a nice start.   But this is about the hiring process not fantasy. 😉

There are reasons why so many jobs go to people with connections. It’s not necessarily because networking is so awesome.
Is the job posting interesting? When you are networking, your contact can tell you what’s great about the job.  If you’re coming in cold, what about that posting sets it apart?  While I’ve seen examples that go too far in the other direction, generally going too far isn’t the problem.   Most are boiler plate for 50% of the content.

Is recruiting treating the resumes like an auditor running down a checklist?   Most job seekers believe this is the case.  They add in buzzwords to the résumé thinking they will score higher on relevance.   If the HR recruiter is looking for 3 years of X and 2 years of Y, they may miss out on a great candidate.  The best resume may never make it past the gatekeeper to the hiring manager.   Another point for networking.  It gets the résumé into the hiring manager’s hands.

According to Jeff, companies are still taking too long in making decisions.   With the short bench, talent has lots of choices.   If you’re planning to hire the people you attract to a job req, you should be ready to move.

Check out Jeff’s article  for more on this topic.