Infosec Red Card

At my new job, they take safety really seriously.  They want everyone to go home at the end of the day with all the fingers they came in with.   Not normally an issue for officeworkers, but the thought is nice.  It is really more appropriate for other divisions/branches of the company.

Each employee gets a physical safety red card, and are empowered to use it to stop work when there is an imminent danger or potential for physical harm.  Work resumes only when cleared by management.

Its a really cheesy way of deputizing everyone as a safety officer.  It reminds me a bit of the original Saturn model where a lineworker could shut down the assembly line.

It made me wonder, what about an infosec red card.   Hopefully at most companies, infosec can put a halt to a process forcing management to examine and address the risk.  Its possible that a company might train users well to refuse to act insecurely.  Not provide their password to the helpdesk.  Not to send sensitive information over clear text.  Not to allow tailgating.  Perhaps there should be an infosec red card as well.