Is Windows 8.1 April Update Installed?

With this weeks Microsoft updates, Windows 8.1 users must have the April 8.1 ‘update’ installed to continue to receive OS related patches.

Update:  Extended to June 10.  

This is rather confusing in so many ways.

  • Windows 8 users dont have this deadline.  The 8.1 update doesn’t apply to them.
  • Searching for information about this update is problematic because “Windows 8.1 update” searches generally result in information on upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1.
  • Its not obvious to figure out if you have this oh so critical “update’ installed.

In the past, to determine what operating system I”m running, I would generally run ‘winver’ at Start – Run.  (of course that requires enabling the ‘run’ box on the start menu).  Or you might go to the command prompt and run ‘ver’.   This doesn’t work because 8.1 ‘update’ isn’t a service pack.  It doesn’t show up there.    Next I tried running systeminfo | findstr /B /C:”OS Name” /C:”OS Version”   This didn’t help me either.

Windows 8.1 update is a patch not a service pack, so it should show up in add remove programs.   In Control Panel open Add / Remove Programs.   Click on View Installed Programs.   In the upper right hand corner where it says ‘search for updates’ type KB2919355.   If Windows 8.1 Update is installed, one result will be returned, the non-descriptively named Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2919355).

If it is not installed, and you do have Windows 8.1, make sure you have the prereq installed.

Note that if you get your updates from WSUS or SCCM, Windows 8.1 security updates will be available for 120 days from release of this update rather than the 30 days allotted to everyone else.