All is quiet on the western front

Its been rather quiet on the blog for a while because of an unfortunate incident that occurred back in March.

I never really believed I was anonymous.   After all, the domain was originally registered publically rather than via a proxy, so it’s a simple matter to get my name and address.   Nevertheless it is a bit disconcerting when a big yellow vender goes to the trouble of contacting your workplace lawyers over something you write.   They felt that their product roadmap works best as a surprise to customers.   So, lesson learned.  Next time you’re told its ok to blog something, get it in writing if it’s not already on the internet.   What they don’t realize is that I could write the same article without the information they provided and they look much worse.

The greater can of worms that was opened is the company social media policy, quietly enacted last November, which forbids me from talking about the work vendors do for us.   So we may just have cat pictures until I feel more comfortable giving my direct, unfiltered, caustic opinion.