The SANS blog post today about an AVG false positive in Windows XP reminded me that we’re just over a year away from XPiration.  (Think that will be a hashtag next year?).   So I’m getting an early start on the tech media flood of articles on the impending end of support for Windows XP.   On April 8th, 2014 you will no longer be able to get security updates from Microsoft.  On my network there are only a handful of XP machines left thanks to a successful Windows 7 migration.   Those machines should have forced retirement through lease expiration by that date.

I’m in a small to midsized environment, and I have the tools necessary to do my job.   Among the machines I control we have software inventory through SCCM.   Forescout provides OS identification for managed and unmanaged systems.   Because of this, I shouldn’t have any unknown systems popping up.

The retirement of Windows 95 wasn’t so simple.   It wasn’t a retirement of 95 per se, and I dont remember if this was before or after the Windows 95 retirement date Dec 31, 2001.  Rather we forced out Windows 9x by increasing the security requirements to a point where existing 9x clients didn’t work.   It turned out that the printer that cut checks was Windows 95.   smh.