LastPass Enterprise Updates

A couple of good updates if you’re a LastPass Enterprise customer.

The LDAP sync utility version has been updated and will now run as a service.   Before it ran as an application, and that didn’t work well for me.   The LDAP sync talks to your directory and updates new users and disabled/deleted users according to the settings you provide.

The second update is a new video for enterprise users.   The provided training videos are great.   But they don’t cover topics specific to the enterprise product.   I also was looking for a way to host internally.   If I link to Youtube the user will see an advertisement before the video.   The “what’s related” after a video caused me embarrassment in a training session.   (Next time, I’ll disable “what’s related” in the link).   This new video is good.

Both were issues or annoyances I had, and both were quickly fixed.