Tampa Bay Bucks iPad Trend

Last fall, I wrote about the Baltimore Raven’s embracing of the iPad as a tool allowing for players to more easily learn their assignments on plays.  It is also used for film study of opposing teams.

A new coaching regime at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers becomes the first team known to reverse course and return to bulky playbooks.

According to Shutdown Corner, this occurred for three primary reasons.

1.  Players didn’t come to meetings with the iPads charged.  As a result time was wasted.

2.  Players weren’t updating their playbooks.   Time was wasted with players using meeting time to update their playbook.

3.  Players were believed to be browsing the web or playing games during team movies.

I wonder if they were using the same software as others or trying to roll their own.   My original blog post refers to security software that would prevent the game playing and web surfing fears.   I suspect it could even make sure you had the current version of the playbook by updating automatically when at the team facility.

Denver coach John Fox says that users can’t watch movies, they can’t set up iTunes play list.   In his opinion players (and coaches) would have two iPads one for work and one for personal.

The iPad was removed for usability/availability concerns rather than security.   But in the non-NFL workplace we face the same challenges of access to the correct data and the perception that it is a toy for users rather than a business enabling device.

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  1. What a shame they couldn’t be trusted with iPads. These people are supposed to be adults!

    I must admit though I can understand the temptation to indulge in a bit of angry birds at the back of a dark boring meeting room…

    Thanks for reporting! I’d not seen this anywhere else.

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