Podcast: Episode 1

I started blogging in 2004.   I was interested in MovableType (and later WordPress) more than the actual blogging.   Although it did serve as a nice virtual filing cabinet… a storage location for articles I might want to reference later.   It was also a great way to procrastinate when I was supposed to be studying for my second Masters.   The problem with having actual readers, is I feel pressured to have deep thoughts, form complete sentences, and not post things that already appear 1000 times from other sources (Microsoft patching today, eh?).

Lately, I find myself interested in Podcasting.   A new thing to learn.   A format where I don’t have to run spell check.   🙂

While I prefer text, I scan general scan an article faster than a 15 minute podcast, I get that other people prefer sound.   Podcasts can be downloaded automatically to a mp3 player or phone and played back in the car, at the gym and while walking or jogging.

I expect to have the podcasts in the main feed and at a podcast only link http://www.infosecblog.org/feed/podcast/ useful for iTunes and your favorite podcatcher.

This first show was recorded on Sunday.   I post it mainly for testing.   I’d suggest not playing any drinking games about how many times I say “you know”.   You could end up in the hospital.

Forgive my bambi steps as I try something new.