Podcast 4

This week’s podcast uses a new Mic and I’m getting used to recording to a hardware device instead of directly into audacity.   The levels are low this week.   Next week I should have that corrected.

This weeks topics include

The default configuration setting everyone forgets to turn off that had a part in the recent Flame malware.

Mountain Lion
Never upgrade to a new version of an Operating System without making sure that your apps are supported.   That goes double if you use a third-party encryption software.  (PGP)

Safari 6 is available with several security updates.


Locks are for honest people.   I bet somewhere in the small print when you purchase a safe it says, not intended to protect your valuables.

Slides for the Onity talk.
Onity Paper

Gun Safes

The talk that got Microsoft to turn off the Gadget Gallery and recommend that you disable the Gadget sidebar.

Blackhole Exploit Kits