I get frustrated when I’m at other websites and they have commenting systems that only allow comments from authenticated users.

I was over at another website, and they had a Microsoft bashing headline that didn’t match the article. I figured it was worth a comment, but my choices were Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Discuss.

Facebook gives them my real name. For an internet comment? I dont think so.  I know one person who used a Facebook login to post a comment and found his age was posted with the comment.  If you have’t tweaked your Facebook privacy settings, you’re giving away too much information.

Twitter warns you that you’re giving permission to Discuss to post as you. Um, don’t think so.

Google+ – I don’t use it.

Discuss – I shouldn’t have to set up a third party account to leave a comment.

I can sympathize that anonymous commenting at larger sites will start to look like the worst of the Youtube commenters.   But it is SOCIAL media after all.


  1. You are not alone. I also find it frustrating that I have to “jump through hoops” to post to a blog. I am not a Facebook user, nice to know there are pitfalls. Thanks for letting me post this.

  2. Admins can’t be bothered to moderate comments? If whoever posts the article doesn’t read the comments, that’s not very social either.

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