LinkedIn Outlook Social Connector Password

After the recent Linkedin password hash disclosure, I thought it best to change my password.   Better safe than sorry.   So I logged into the website and set the password to something long (12) and random with Uppers, lowers, Numbers and special characters.    I verified the new password worked and was stored safely in LastPass and all was good.   For a while.

A few days later, I noticed that the LinkedIn portion of the Outlook Social Connector needed my password.   (Outlook Social Connector pulls in the profile photo of people who send me email who are also on LinkedIn.   I think that is pretty cool).   I couldn’t log in with the new password via the Social Connector, but it still worked at the LinkedIn website.   A quick Bing found a report that LinkedIn told a poster that special characters wouldn’t work in the Social Connector.

I verified that I could use a 12 character (upper, lower, and numbers), but as the post said, special characters were a no-no if you use the Outlook Social Connector.   I hope this gets fixed, but it seems to have been a known issue for a while now.


    • Hello,
      I have the same issue, only I don’t use any special characters (due to the limitation) but 13 characters password and it still doesn’t accept my password

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