The case of the reconfigured product

Can you claim “King of the Lab” even when the problem you solve is self-inflected?

The phrase King of the Lab originated on the U.S television series “Bones” where the scientist who found the key evidence that week was king of the lab.

King of the Lab
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We’ve noted an odd issue at work where the event logs on multiple systems  would report:

Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: <ProductName>. Product Version: <VersionNumber>. Product Language: <languageID>. Reconfiguration success or error status: 0.

for every installed application.   This set of logs would show up repeatedly.  We were kind of hoping it would go away when systems were migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 but it is still occuring

Our Bing-fu must be weak because I stumbled across a KB article tonight that explains it.
Event log message indicates that the Windows Installer reconfigured all installed applications

This is caused by using group policy with WMI filters that use Win32_Product.  It can also be caused by applications that use that WMI class as well.   GuardianEdge documentation instructed me to use that WMI class in a filter to deploy GuardianEdge settings so they would only apply to clients with the specific product version.

The “Ask the Directory Services Team” blog at Microsoft recently had a post which linked that KB and reported that use of Win32_Product will (could?) result in slow boot times.  The reason this WMI Class is an issue is that it uses a DLL to actively query each installed application.   This trigger the reinstall.   Additionally if any of the installed apps are installed remotely this can really slow things down.

The Microsoft blog lists some workarounds.    I’m not sure any of them are perfect for me.   Until I implement a fix this case isn’t closed.   But it is enough for me to do a happy dance while yelling “king of the lab”.

Now where is my trophy?