Not Dead Yet

While playing around with John the Ripper the phrase “password are dead” came to mind.  In the realm of Information Security how many items have been declared dead?

Passwords are dead.
“IDS is dead.” – Gartner
“Gartner is dead” – IDS
The firewall/perimeter is dead.
Antivirus is dead.
SSL is dead.
SIEM is dead.
Corporate IT security is dead.

It starts to look like if you put in any product, idea or compliance regime into google, add on “is dead” and you’ll find results.

Sometimes it is marketing (EIQ and SIEM).  Sometimes predictions.   Occasionally its exasperation at the continuing fail of a product type.  In each case, so one comes out looking like Kreskin.  But the pixels don’t write themselves and those stances generate traffic.