Update for the Flash Updater

Adobe today released a new version of Flash with two critical security updates.  For those keeping score at home, that is the third security related Flash update this year and the second of this month.   Adobe AIR also needs updating if you have that.

In addition to the security fixes, this update also changes the behavior of the Flash updater.   After installing the update, you will be prompted to choose an update method.   The default is to install updates when available.   Most security updates will install silently while any update that additionally makes changes to the configuration will require user interaction.

Flash is a highly targeted application.  This effort should boot the installation timeliness for required security patches.

To change your update settings later, go to the Flash icon in the control panel.   The existing method to disable autoupdates using a mms.cfg file is still supported.   Companies that deploy software using a centralized means like ConfigMgr may prefer to disable autoupdates until the application has been tested and deployed using their regular means.

Link – http://blogs.adobe.com/asset/2012/03/an-update-for-the-flash-player-updater.html