Step Back, Still Certified

Last December, I took “SANS MGT525: IT Project Management, Effective Communication and PMP Exam Prep” at the conference in DC.   I generally try to knock certs out while the info is still fresh in mind, within 30 days or so of the class.   Unfortunately, January was pretty busy with my colleague moving on to greener pastures.   Then in February, I was rather demotivated.    In March, I received a reminder email that I’d signed up for the exam so I needed to take it before that expired.

When I went to enroll for the exam, my favorite testing center was no longer available.   I went to the next closest testing center.   Testing center may be a bit optimistic as this was a copyshop with a room with four computers crammed into it.   Still better than where I took my MCSA 2003 exam.

The test was rough.   I’m much better on things I might use like Windows Security, Intrusion Analysis, Forensics.  It was tough to force myself to study.    While I got a respectable grade, I’ll admit it wasn’t the high marks I’ve been getting on GIAC exams.   Not that it really matters.   Glad I don’t have to take that one again.   Well, unless I also want to get the PMP.   That will be much worse.