Patch Wednesday

I’m not one of these people who thinks that all patches need to be released on the second Tuesday in each month.   But it is downright inconvenient to release patches the next day.   People who manage vulnerabilities in companies are then forced to either restart the patch deployment cycle, adding in these new patches, or the patches have to be held for the next patch window.   I’ve heard from some companies that it would then wait until the next month!

Adobe released an update for Shockwave on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday released an update for Flash.   This is doubly problematic.   When you deploy Flash and the browser isn’t closed during the install users will get errors until they close and reopen the browser.    If you deploy Flash with something that requires a reboot, that problem solves itself.

Oracle released an update for Java on Tuesday, but I didn’t happen to see it.   We’re still deploying that using the older software distribution method with SCCM, so that would have gone out separate anyway.

– edit fixed Java capitalization 2/19.