Masked Scheduler Blog Now with Gadgets & Electronics was once the abandoned blog of a Fox exec who would write about past successes and current failures.  It was great reading.   For whatever reason, the Masked Scheduler decided to confine his prose to Twitter’s 140 characters and the blog wasn’t used anymore.

Fast forward to today,  and I find my RSS reader suddenly has a ton of posts from the Masked Scheduler blog.   Instead of the TV commentary, I find spamish gadget/electronic posts.  I’m guessing it is trying to take advantage of the link love the former blog enjoyed.

When you decide to terminate a  social media account whether a blog or twitter, you should consider taking down the content but holding on to the name.  This is true particularly for free sites.   You’ve built a brand, you have thousands of inbound links.   According to Google Reader there are 200 of us on Reader that got this unintended content because the Masked Scheduler apparently deleted the account and then it was available for reuse after a period.   Now I’m guessing here based on the crawl from last year showing the account is gone, so it doesn’t appear to be a compromised account.   Just the case of a username being abandoned and picked up by someone else.

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