Nitro and Q1Labs Sold

McAfee to Aquire NitroSecurity.   IBM to aquire Q1Labs.

Can anyone think of an example where a big company bought a smaller security company and the product got better?  We could spend the reset of the day talking about products that became moribund or were abandoned altogether because some big company thought they were missing an important piece in their portfolio. 

I get it.   The investors need to be paid.   The startup-execs aren’t as into the day-to-day of a company as when they worked out of the garage.   They want to get paid and thenhave the wealth to  be the investor for the next go-around.

The customer is left wondering if the company was purchased for a patent or for a specific integration.    Will I now be as frozen out because the %bigCompany% has traditionally not been interested in talking to me?  Will the hardware lifecycle stay the same or will we find a constant churn of new hardware models designed to force upgrades?

The press releases linked at the top make me feel like IBM sees Q1Labs as an important component.   The McAfee/NitroSecurity press release makes we wonder if ePO will suddenly be the only way to manage the appliances and whether non-McAfee products will take second fiddle.