XCD:What Computer Experts Hear

XCD posted this comic earlier in the week.   Is that really what computer experts hear?   And what do computer security experts hear?

Is a website really analogous to a poster on the wall?   Or is it more like an advertisement held by a sign spinning guy?   You could take the sign out of his hand, but he might fight you for it.    Then again for $5 an hour, he probably isn’t that interested.   Maybe that is like a website protected by a Managed Security Provider.  

Even if the website had nothing more important than what you would put on a poster, there is a certain amount of reputation on the line.   The poster isn’t protected as if it were in a SCIF, but it is in a secured lobby.

Computer “experts” know that websites often contain much more than just the sort of public content that would be  on a poster.   I think computer experts hear “The idiot infosec staff at the CIA let their site get hacked.   They should hire me.”   Then they make sure the metaphorical Windows are closed and the doors locked and wonder, would I even notice if I was attacked.

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