Infosec on Suits (USA Network)

Suits is a show on USA Networks,  kind of like White Collar, but set at a law firm.

On the show, Mike Ross is a first year lawyer, and he just can’t seem to learn computer security.   I’ve marveled at his inability to learn the need for a screensaver lock, or better yet lock the computer when he walks away.   On tonight’s episode he walks into the office and finds everyone gathered around his computer.   At least this time he hadn’t left himself logged in/unlocked.   They’d used his password Ross999 to log in.    Actually I blame the administrator for that.   Allowing lastname in password is a no-no.   Also 7 character password?   seriously?

“Ross999 how hard is that to crack?
response from Mike – “999 increases the odds”

Non-security people often don’t get how their insecurity can hurt them.   In this fictional example, all the junior lawyers watched the security cams from Mike’s computer so he’s the one “caught”.

A few episodes ago someone stole a Fax machine PIN by social engineering the administrator.    The person with that PIN was fired.

So often it seems that when Hollywood strays into an area you are familiar with its really annoying how inaccurate they are (24 and “sockets” anyone?) .   I think Suits has done a good job thus far.