I decided to give Incapsula a try to improve webserver performance and security.  Incapsula is a cloud based service similar to Cloudfare that acts as a caching and security proxy for your website.   In doing so it acts as a quasi-CDN (Content Delivery Network).   I had looked at one of the popular WordPress Cache plugins, and realized that if this works, it would be much easier to implement.  

As part of this change, I had move my authoritative DNS servers from Dreamhost to dyndns.    Unfortunately Dreamhost provided DNS servers don’t allow me to change any records they create.   In order to change the A record for and, I would have to discontinue hosting my site with them.   There should be an option to say, “I Know what I’m doing” and override that.    Or better yet provide checkbock integration with these types of services.    If it delivers as advertised, it will only remove burden from their servers.

I expect to be posting a follow-up in a few weeks.   This is more or less a housekeeping post to let you know there have been some changes.   So let me know if you spot anything broken.


  1. Hello Roger. It’s been a couple of weeks since this post (perhaps more than just “a couple”), and as a fellow Incapsula user I was just wondering how your experience is so far. Any quirks?

    • I’m happy . You dont get the log info that you would get with wordpress firewall. although it did look like I got the path used in timthumb attacks (although I didn’t have those files so it would have been a 404 anyway). Obviously the traffic comes from incapsula, so the apache logs are worthless. But there is a plugin for wordpress (and a few other CMSes) that pulls the original IP from the headers. Without that akismet wouldn’t do much good. Like most sites I use google analytics. The awstats provided by my hosts would obviously show all traffic from incapsula.

      a followup post is still warrented.

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