History and Evolution of Viruses

At DEFCON, Mikko Hyponnen spoke on the History and evolution of computer viruses.   To a certain point, the talk reminded me of George C Smith’s book Virus Creation Labs.   Also depending on when you started in computers, you’ll have your own memories.   I ran into Happy99 a lot while doing dialup tech support.   Before that, in college I remember people infecting the entire computer lab via sneakernet.  “Weird, my floppy doesn’t work, I ‘ll try the next computer.”   Ugh.

The recitation of Michelangelo, Chernobyl , polymorphism, email worms, file share worms on their own isn’t particularly new for this audience.  The highlight of the talk for me, besides just seeing Mikko speak after all these years of reading the blog was the demos of these early viruses.