I went to DEFCON 19 this year, and finally have some time to post some thoughts.   You’ll probably see an annoying flurry of posts on each talk.

This is my first year at DEFCON.   I felt like DEFCON is one of those things I had to do at least once.   I had a great time.   I’m not sure I’d want to burn money and vacation on it every year, but we’ll see.

I thought the RIO was a great location.   I’ve heard people complain about the hike from the hotel room to the conference.   I guess those people haven’t been to a big Vegas hotel before.   The hike is easy compared to Mandalay Bay.  The in room simulcast of the 4 tracks allowed me to still watch a session while getting food from room service.

I’m not sure what I expected culture-wise.   It seemed a bit more buttoned down that I expected.   That may be because I didn’t go to DEFCON 101 or the awards.   The only session with the wacky zanyness that I expected was the Jeopary contest.   I guess some of that is growing up, and some of that isn’t possible in an event of this scale.

There were a fare number of tweets saying the talks this year were as good.  That researchers are more likely to sell their good stuff rather than present at DEFCON.   Dont know if I have an opinion there.   In the past it seemed like all the cool talks at Shmoocon had been previously delivered at DEFCON.   Now I go to DEFCON and find the cool talks were given at BLACKHAT.   And at Blackhat they were given 75 minutes instead of 50.

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  1. Every year I debate wasting a whole week at Blackhat and paying a lot of money for it, or cramming the same topics into 3 days at DEFCON. Every year DEFCON wins, except for when it loses to just reading the whitepapers.

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