SEP 12.1 Released

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 was released on July 5th.   A post on Symantec Connect says they are deploying the upgrade licenses via snail mail and sending in alphabetical order.   To a certain extent, I can sympathize with a desire to not overwhelm support.   But I feel that people who participated in the beta program should be given access to the bits immediately.

I logged into .com and selected Version Upgrade.  Next I selected “I Don’t Have an Upgrade ID”.   Select your customer number and select upgrade on the following screen.   If none of the one’s listed give you a SEP upgrade you’ll need to find your license pdf and use the customer number associated with the purchase of SEP. 

I then had a valid serial number to use at   After downloading the bits, I found that unfortunately SEP 12.1 is requiring me to use a license file.   I figured this might be coming.   in SEP11, Symantec required small business to use license files.   I haven’t had to use a license file since we started using Symantec Antivirus more than 10 years ago.   I feel like this is only an unnecessary complication.

Next I began working on an upgrade plan.   I currently am running SEPM on a Windows 2003 server.   This seems like a good time to change that to Windows 2008 R2.   One method would be to bring up a second server with Windows 2008 R2 and SEPM 12.1.   I prefer to keep my computers reporting to a server with the same name and IP.   That means I’ll be using a disaster recovery scenario.  

The first issue I’m finding is a lack of documentation for recovering SEP11 recovery files into a SEP12 server.  I’m thinking I may be better off upgrading the existing server to SEP 12.1 and performing a DR backup, then turn the server off and bring up the Windows 2008R2.    Another possibility is to put SEP11 on the Windows 2008R2 server and then upgrade it to SEP12.   I prefer to keep the new server “cleaner” than that.

I would think this would be a relatively common scenario.   But all I can find is the linked Symantec knowledge base article that states SEP11 DR files can’t be imported into the standard SEP12 DR files.   I understand that.  But I would still think it could be done manually.

I’ll be trying to get some more answers before doing the upgrade, even in the test environment.

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  1. Hi Roger

    I had the same question on the licensing; seemed unusual after SEP 11.x never had any, but then with licence compliance being a big issue for firms across the world, it’s inevitably a useful step from that perspective. However, there is a more technoligical reason for it’s introduction:

    Licensing has been introduced as the new Sonar feature, relies on the reputation of files collected from the Symantec SEP user community. For example;

    If Symantec see a file that is being used over 200,000 desktops then they’re pretty certain that that is a trusted, any new files that are seen are treated more suspiciously and have lower score until they are validated OR see an increase in the size of the user base for that file.

    With this in mind, the license only needs to used for the SEP Server rather than distributed to the actual SEP clients as it is the server that is submitting and receiving information about files.

    Either way, slightly frustrating.

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