Glass Houses, SANS and

SANS has a blog post relating an anecdote about malicious links on a Facebook wall.   The author said “As for Bitly – I would use extreme caution with any links identified as source bitlyDOTcom.”   I laughed because the SANS handlers are typically against links.   They want you to browse with Firefox and NoScript.   Always use a bookmark that you have verified, and you might just want to SHA1 the bookmark to make sure no one has tampered with it.   I’m only exaggerating slightly.   I only mention that as background information.

What was funny in this case is the ShareThis plugin at uses when you use their button to compose a tweet.   Even better than this, @sans_isc tweeted a link to this post using, guess what,   (Twitter does provide the real URL when you mouse over the link, but I still find it funny.





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