Comodo Misleading Calls

Comodo is performing misleading cold calls designed to trick you into purchasing a SSL certificate with them rather than renewing with your existing provider.   Remember when you used to get letters and emails from companies like Domain Registry of America (DROA).   I think everyone agreed those were disreputable.   Comodo is performing the same sort of activity.

Comodo calls to warn about an expiring SSL certificate.   They attempt to create a false sense of urgency that your stuff is about to stop working and they are the saviors.   In the first call I received, I had purchased the SSL certificate so I knew the certificate was really through another vender.   The second call was transferred to me.   I wasn’t familiar with the server name.   When I searched my email I found the website was owned by someone outside the department.   Where it fell apart was when I asked if we got this cert through you shouldn’t you know the correct person to call already?   The caller then switched modes to disparage the company we now use for SSL certificates.

Comodo isn’t up front about their purpose in calling so they can steal SSL renewals.  

If you’ll recall earlier this year a Comondo reseller was compromised and issued unauthorized certificates for Google , Yahoo, Skype and Mozilla.