SCUP Command Line Length Limit

Over the weekend I was trying to test deploying a BlueCoat ProxyClient update using System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) from Microsoft.   The first issue I ran into is that the command line options I wanted to use wouldn’t fit into the field provided.   It was truncated.   I found a workaround so my switches fit into the space allowed.

When I performed the install, it failed.   I couldn’t get any good clues from windowsupdate.log or the Windows application log so I tried installing ProxyClient with those switches outside of SCUP.  What I found is when performing an upgrade rather than a fresh install BlueCoat requires that I add REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vamus to the command line.    That pushed me right over the 100 character limit.

I could use something else to call the ProxyClient MSI with the correct command line options; such as iexpress or SMS installer.  I think that gets a bit messy.  Each executable returns a code after it is run indicating success or failue.   I wouldn’t be able to easily capture that and forward it as the return code of the wrapper.

I asked on the SCCM discussion list whether the newer version of SCUP would solve my problems.   Jason Lewis of Microsoft answered that SCUP 2011 does not have the 100 character length limitation.

I should be fine once SCUP 2011 is installed.