JAVA 1.6 update 26

Oracle released JAVA 1.6 update 26 as part of the scheduled quarterly update.   It fixes 17 vulnerabilities.  

I would have liked to deploy this with System Center Update Publisher but I find JAVA to be kind of an odd duck.   To get it SCUPed would take a lot of testing.   I needed to get the patch out the door.   That required enough testing.   Starting with a new deployment technique would require even more.

1.  net stop javaquickstarterservice
The JAVA Quickstart service has caused issues in the past when it is running during an upgrade.  

2.  Force users to close browsers
I’ve had issues when doing a /qb install where the install would wait until the browser is closed by the user.   If the user isn’t there, then the install never finishes.   I dont know if a silent install would have the same issues or not.

3.  Next, I uninstall JAVA 1.6 update 0 through 7.    Later versions should be removed automatically.

4. Run the install

5.  Disable the autoupdater

6.   “%PROGRAMFILES%\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe” -unregister
to disable jqs completely.

Basically I would need to package my current install files into an EXE, and verify that it still does what I want.

Kind of a duct tape and twine way of doing it.   I’d prefer to fully translate that to SCUP.  
If I ever get some time, it would be nice to do some work on this when it isn’t on a deadline.