SCUPing Adobe AIR

System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) is a Microsoft product that allows an administrator to check third-party updates into their internal WSUS server and then deploy those updates with Microsoft patches through System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr).   This allows for a better update experience for the end-user.
If you’ve deployed a EXE, a MSI and a MSP with SCUP, you have the essentials.   You certainly could figure out how to deploy Adobe AIR using SCUP on your own.   Nevertheless, I provide the following to show how I did it.  When I was first learning SCUP I wanted to see how other people did it, but there wasn’t a lot of sharing going on.
The following assumes that SCUP is installed and configured correctly and that you have a basic idea of how to use it and SCCM to deploy patches.
Step 1:  Open SCUP.    Right Click System Center Updates Publisher and select Create Update.
Step 2: Modify Update Tab
The Title can be whatever standard you follow.   I put Adobe AIR 2.6.19140.  
Description: This can be whatever you want.   Generally I cut and paste this from the security bulletin.   I put:
“Adobe recommends users of Adobe AIR 2.6.19120 and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux update to Adobe AIR 2.6.19140”
Classification: Security Update
Security Bulletin Id: APSB11-07 (obviously this changes based on the patch being deployed)
Vender : Adobe Systems, Inc.   This should be in the pull-down menu if you have deployed any Adobe products previously.
Product: Adobe AIR
Hit Next.
Step 3: Edit the Extended Properties Tab
Article ID for this update is the bulletin ID used on the previous page, APSB11-07
CVE ID – Is taken from the security bulletin.  In this case it is CVE-2011-0611
Severity – I put moderate for this one.   That is up to you.
Impact – Normal
Reboot Behavior – Never Reboots
Hit Next
STEP 4 – Leave the Prerequisite Rules tab blank.   Hit Next
Step 5 – Package Tab
Installer Type – EXE
Update Package Source – the full path to the Adobe AIR exe
Download URL – for me this is the same UNC path
Binary Language – English
Success Return Code – 0
Success Pending Reboot – 3010
Command Line = -silent
Step 6 – Applicability Rules
My applicability rules don’t account for 64 bit Operating Systems.   I just check if %programfiles%\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Adobe AIR.dll exists and if it is less than   
Step 7 – Installed Rules
Check if %programfiles%\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Adobe AIR.dll is equal to 
Finishing Up – 
The rest of the steps are like any other update.  


  1. I know this is an old blog and kind of necroing it, but this was VERY VERY helpful. Thank you!


  2. Hi Roger, well done here… We’ve been using SCUP for years for Adobe AIR, Reader, & Flash with good success. Now, though, we are deploying more x64 machines and the AIR SCUP doesn’t want to install.

    Do you have ideas or solution for SCUPing AIR for both x86 and x64?


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