Non-supporting of UAC

Anytime step one in the installation instructions is “Disable UAC”, I want to put the pieces back in the box and return it to the store.   The vendor really doesn’t support Vista/Win7/Windows2008 if they have to disable UAC.   I think it says something about the quality of the software.

At one point had a Hall of Shame for software requiring local administrator rights or for software that cannot work with UAC.  That seems to have disappeared, but is visible through the wayback machine.   

The software I was installing, then reaches out to install agents on other servers.   I asked the sales engineer if UAC was going to be an issue on those systems as well.   He said no.   We wasted an hour trying to install remotely then installed the agents manually on each server.   I found that while there was a UAC prompt the installer opened a dos box and failed to run some commands.    To workaround this I elevated a command prompt, and ran an install from there.

Running as administrator, requiring UAC to be turned off or requiring antivirus to be disabled are three pet peeves.