BlueCoat Support

I had my first experience with the “new” BlueCoat support model last week.

Around the time we switched from using third-party support back to BlueCoat, BlueCoat announced a change to support.   It sounded like they were making official what I had always experienced.   The first person you talk to will gather information for the more knowledgeable person you’ll eventually be escalated to.  My experience was a bit different from this understanding.

For the first time since this change, I had to open a ticket.   I prefer to open tickets either via email or a web portal.   BlueCoat has a web portal, so far, so good.   When opening the ticket, my choices for how I want support to contact me is limited to phone or webex.   Not so good.   Further I must supply two times blocks in a minimum of two hour chunks.

I find that I prefer large chunks of uninterrupted time to work on things.   Blocking out large chunks of time for support isn’t high on my list of desirable things.    A bit flustered, I picked the furthest time into the future and allowed a 24 hour availability block.   So a little while later I got an email that I had an appointment a week from now to webex at 5:30am to solve the problem.

My question was rather simple.   Why is my proxyAV attempting to send email back to BlueCoat.   It is getting blocked by the firewall.   I figured it was just performance statistics and there must be a opt-out I missed somewhere, but I couldn’t find it on a quick tour through the settings.   I figured this could easily be solved through email.   But no.   BlueCoat wants a phone call or webex.

I called support (seriously, the last thing I want to do) and selected their option to change the appointment time.   I had no intention of being available at 5:30am a week from now.    I was told two techs were available, I was transferred to one.  

The tech said, he would research it, and was it ok if he emailed me back.   Someone gets it.   A few hours later, I received an email with the answer I needed.

I hear that many BlueCoat customers have issues with the new support.   Changes may be coming.   I hope that I’ll be able to communicate with support via email or the web portal.   It really is the best way for minor questions until we determine we do need to get on webex.