Shmoocon 2011 Intro

I lost the stampede that was the Shmoocon 2011 registration.  As a result, I’m watching this year’s festivities through live streaming on uStream. 

This year the network is a lot more solid so far.    However the internet camera seems to be an afterthought.   When not showing the slides, it is pointed at the chest of the speaker.    (make your own joke about that).   Several times they cut the feed during the breaks between speakers and didn’t get back for the start of the next speaker.

There were some audio problems during the introduction by @gdead.   So I missed out on any reason for this being the last year of the shmooballs.   Was there a liability concern?   Or had it pretty much run it’s course.   When was the last time someone threw a shmooball to call BS rather than to give a friend a hard time?   I’d also be curious about the change in venue.   Was it cheaper rates or was the con asked not to return after the blizzard induced food riots of Shmoocon 2010?

In many ways I jinxed myself.   I when I saw the conference had moved motels I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.   Fate laughed at that and didn’t let me get the golden ticket.   So instead this afternoon I set up shop in the “virtualization pit” at work, grabbed some free pepsi from the fridge, and watched the con on the big screens.  And I didn’t even have to ride the Metro.