Metro opens doors indeed

What happens when employees go on a leave of absence? The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA, more commonly called METRO in DC) found their processes for such occurences needs improvement.

They recently discovered a bus operator who had been on extended leave since 1997 had received some holiday pay, and uniform cleaning allowances. This was uncovered when the driver used a bus drivers uniform to bypass security in the building where the WMATA general counsel is housed in order to present court papers. (Source Washington Times).  It is not reported if the bus driver had WMATA Identification or if the uniform is sufficient to bypass security (another problem).   As they investigated they couldn’t find anyone who actually was familiar with the case because it occurred 13 years ago.

When employees transition to a role where access is no longer required, all forms of access should be disabled.  Financial perks should be reviewed.   In no case should they remain in this limbo forever.