The AP reports, the unemployed are having a hard time finding work because in many cases the requirements are higher than ever.  People find themselves unqualified for even their old jobs.   Certifications that didn’t even exist when they started their career are now required to hold down the job.  

I can see requiring  new employees to have computer skills and not require that of the guy you laid off a couple of years ago.   For tech jobs, you may find more soft skill or business requirements than when you last looked for a job.   On the other hand, companies go overboard trying to have a few people as possible.   One example given was a DBA position also expected to handle network security.   That will work out well.

There are always going to be job postings requiring ludicrous skills.   I recall a Dilbert once about a Unix guru who built a time machine so he could go back in time and get the experience required by the job posting.  

At the same time, the job market is always changing and its your job to stay marketable.   It’s your job to improve yourself.