BlueCoat ProxyClient

I was doing some testing with BlueCoat ProxyClient and was seeing weird things.

ProxyClient is software installed on laptops so when the client is outside the corporation it will still do URL filtering with WebPulse.    I’ve written about it before and it seems like a nice middle ground between no protection and having to send all your traffic somewhere for santization.   It can also do acceleration but I dont use that.

I was having some issues as I tested    Google Reader items weren’t keeping their “read” indication.   I couldn’t create a new item in Sharepoint 2010.   There was a Cox support webpage that had an error message.

Turns out there is a newer version that I couldn’t see in BTO.   This version fixes software bug 145482 which apparently describes similar issues.   Hopefully the release notes will be posted soon.  

I’ve had so many  issues at this week.   I was just glad one was solved.


  1. i am working with and it is horrible. I upgraded to their latest and it is even worse. We are contemplating rolling this out to 12k users. I don’t think so. This client is buggy and it sucks and appears to be a nightmare for support based on just the controlled testing I have done. Who knows what will happen when this is on everyones machine.

    • has worked well for me. Like I said I’m only using it for URL filtering and have had no complaints (except using Microsoft Virtual Labs). Are you trying the acceleration? I’m staying far away from that based on earlier testing.

      I am interested in 3.3. I believe that is when 64 bit is supported. But dont have a lot of time for these things.

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