SCUP and Flash

I deployed Adobe Flash 10.1 through System Center UpdatesPublisher (SCUP).  Its kind of sad how excited this makes me.

SCUP is a framework that allows you to integrate third-party update deployment into your SCCM/WSUS server.   Companies can provide a CAB file that you import into SCUP, approve updates and publish them to your SCCM server.  From there, to the SCCM admin they are deployed like any Microsoft patch.   The user experience is just like Microsoft patches as well.  

While I have only deployed SCUP in a test environment.  I think it has the potential for there to be less work in deploying updates.   A more consistent user experience can be achieved by deploying these updates through the same methods.   Currently I have a separate wrapper script that tells the user an update is available.   Even if I don’t ultimately deploy all my patches using SCUP, I can use it to deploy Dell and HP BIOS, firmware and driver updates.   As people try to do more with less, computers are being used longer.   It is thus more important to not ignore security and bug fixes in these items.

When you obtain a license to distribute Flash, Adobe sends you a link to download the MSI, EXE or CAB file.   I pointed SCUP directly at the CAB file.   The first time I tried to deploy to a client the install failed.   WindowsUpdate.log reported the error as 0x80070667.   Google (or Bing) tells me that error indicates bad command line switches.   The log file showed the switches as “/qn reboot=reallysuppress allusers=1 msirestartmanagercontro=disable reboot=reallysuppress”.   That has duplicate commands.   I recalled a Jason Lewis blog entry recommending the command line switches be left blank in the CAB file.   SCUP will automatically add silent install switches.  After removing the command line switches in SCUP, I published the change back to SCCM, synced everything and Flash installed without any further problems.

While I haven’t used SCUP in-depth yet, I am excited about what I do have in place.   My thanks go out to Jason Lewis, Program Manager at Microsoft,  for his great blogcasts showing how to set up SCUP.   I also found a PDF from Dell – Dell Catalog to Support Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for Dell Hardware Updates by Dustin Orrick and Angela Qian to be very helpful.

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