Jailbreaking – Unsafe at any speed

Look at me, making Ralph Nader references whether they work or not.

Back in July, the US Copyright office ruled it is legal to jailbreak your iPhone in order to install non-appstore apps or even to unlock the phone to use with another carrier.

What does this mean for iPhones used the enterprise?

Just because something is permissible under the law, that does not mean that a corporation must allow it.    Apple may still make it a violation of their terms of service and void the warranty. 

Jailbreaking  offers a greater potential for malware to be run on the phone.  Do you remember the iPhone jailbreak worm?   A popular jailbreaking technique was setting up SSH and leaving a default password.   Doh!

Dave Zatz had a recent post asking if there was even a case for jailbreaking anymore.

So while my company is full of engineers who like to tinker.   While the phone has corporate data, we need to enforce a no jailbreaking policy.